Wedding trends for your 2019 celebration

2019 is set to be another BIG year for weddings and if you’re getting married in the next twelve months, there are lots of super hot wedding trends coming your way. The Clock Barn team has carefully selected their favourite wedding ideas just for you right here. So, read on for our pick of fabulous details that are just perfect for your wedding.

Wedding colours for 2019

Bolder colours are going to be big news in 2019 so think about opting for a really vibrant, colourful look for your wedding. Alternatively, switch up the classic white palette with pops of the brightest colours you can find.

There are lots of ways to inject colour into your wedding. Obviously, your wedding flowers really make a difference (and more about flowers later) but don’t forget table stationery, coloured glasses and bold coloured table runners.

Decorate your wedding table with arrangements of beautifully bold coloured flowers at your Clock Barn wedding

Image courtesy of Mia Hooper Photography

Bold coloured flowers contrast beautifully against the natural background of the rustic barn at Clock Barn

Image courtesy of Love by Serena and Krista Mason Photography

If bold colours just aren’t your thing, soft neutrals are also going to be a great choice for 2019. Think about palettes that include soft camel, caramel, honey and taupe shades because these are warm and flattering options at any time of year.

Opt for soft neutrals for classic elegance at your rustic barn wedding at Clock Barn in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Summer Leigha Photography and Kristen Marie Parker Photography

Styling ideas

Everyone in the wedding world seems to agree that 2019 is going to be THE year for personalisation at weddings. How about custom illustrated wedding stationery or hand drawn maps and menus?

Hand drawn and custom illustrated wedding stationery adds a unique touch to your wedding at Clock Barn in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Carrie Lavers Photography

Upcycled and reusable items are perfect for an eco-friendly wedding at Clock Barn in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Sarah Elliott Photography

Ethical and environmentally friendly style is definitely going to be more important than ever this year. Couples are already starting to make eco-conscious decisions as they make their wedding plans so style your wedding with lots of vintage and reclaimed items rather than buying disposable decorations. Think carefully about your use of plastics and opt for locally produced options where you can – local honey makes a great favour for example.

Ditch the plastic and go for reclaimed and recyclable materials for your wedding décor at your rustic barn wedding in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Lane Dittoe Weddings and Sarah and Ben Photography

2019 could well be the year that we embrace patterns too – from checked or striped table linen to patterned fabrics and fashions, patterns look great at weddings and really bring a personal touch to your style.

Patterns and checks are on trend for wedding décor for 2019 and work well against the neutral background of the barn at Clock Barn in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Lukas & Suzy and Pasha Belman Photography

Wedding flowers for 2019

One of the biggest trends for 2019 will certainly be the move towards foam-free florals. For a long time, florists have used lots of floral foam (commonly known as Oasis) to hold blooms in place. However, following on from the move towards eco-friendly weddings, foam-free is now the way forward. Why? Well, the foam itself is non-biodegradable and breaks down into dangerous micro plastics or goes straight to landfill.

So, garden-style florals that embrace a more natural and organic style will be on trend this year for all the right reasons. They don’t need foam and the really showcase the natural beauty of your wedding flowers. Of course, if your florist can work with seasonal flowers, grown here in the UK, so much the better.

Just picked, loosely arranged flowers are perfectly suited to a rustic barn wedding at Clock Barn in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Jessica Lorren Photography and Kurt Boomer Photography

The other big trend for wedding flowers this year will be a return to low table centres. Towering centrepieces might well have had their day and instead, low arrangements will be taking centre stage. We love this trend – it makes it really easy for guests to chat and, most importantly, you can see everyone as you eat too!

Jars of just-picked wedding flowers set on wood slices make perfect table centrepieces for a rustic barn wedding in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Sarah Elliott Photography

Wedding cakes

It could be the The Meghan Effect and the influence of recent Royal weddings but 2019 is going to be the year of the opulent wedding cake. Cakes with many tiers, intricate iced details and more personalisation will be everywhere this year. Add you own personal monogram to your cake along with truly show-stopping decorations to create a cake that will really impress your guests.

Impress your guests with a show stopping wedding cake with lots of tiers and detail at your Clock Barn wedding in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Amalie Orrange Photography and Lydia Stamps Photography

Wedding fashion

Finally, we have to talk fashion and again, The Meghan Effect is having a big influence on bridal style for 2019. There’s definitely a return to classically elegant gowns with few embellishments and a simple, stripped-back style. Gowns with sleeves will still be popular and there’s still a place for lace but the structure and fit of the dress is super important if you want to nail this minimalistic look.

Simple but classically elegant wedding gowns with a structured fit are perfect for your 2019 wedding at Clock Barn in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Hana Venn and Rosa Clara Photography

For grooms and groomsmen, a modern three-piece suit is the way to go in 2019. We don’t mean that you have to wear something completely coordinated but trousers, jackets and waistcoats are a wedding must-have this year. Mix fabrics, add some patterns and have fun with your look but remember that three is the magic number!

Incorporate different patterns and fabrics into three-piece suits for unique grooms wear at your barn wedding in Hampshire

Image courtesy of Rob Parfitt Photography

Wedding DIY is still going to be as popular as ever in 2019 so if you’re planning on getting creative for your big day, it’s time to check out these inspirational DIY wedding ideas.