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Discover Clock Barn

Discover a place where time is the essence
A haven where love has a strong presence
To witness the start of your life together
Cementing a bond whatever the weather

Time is very much on your side
Marriage can be a roller-coaster ride
So grab each minute, day and year
To find out what you both hold dear

Nervous anticipation is felt by all
Check the Clock before curtain-call
Stepping from The Stables ever so calm
Soon to hold onto your loved one’s arm

As you look into each other’s eyes
With timeless words that harmonise
The exchange of rings and at last a kiss
Your marriage is a special moment of bliss

After a wonderful day of joyful celebration
Rest awaits in luxurious accommodation
Your honeymoon suite is beyond compare
At breakfast sweet memories all to share

The Clock Barn is the perfect stage
For couples to turn to a bright new page
And arrange a wedding that is pure delight
That is sure to prove your choice was right

See it for yourself…
Experience the Character
and Charm of Clock Barn

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Videography by – © Devoted Films Corporate