Delicious Wedding Cakes for all budgets

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without a wedding cake and these fabulous bakes are a big part of your day. From the traditional fruit and sponge cakes to fantastically flavoured varieties and even savoury options, you really do need a wedding cake. You can include the cake in your evening buffet so everyone can taste the bake and why not cut the cake before the head onto the dancefloor to start your evening reception here at Clock Barn? Whatever your budget, there’s a yummy cake out there for you so let’s take a mouth-watering look at some of the best cakes around.


Wedding cake ideas

When we think of wedding cakes, we probably think of highly decorated iced cakes with lots of tiers and these are making a bit of a comeback. However, modern wedding cakes are unlikely to feature super hard Royal icing and are more likely to be iced in a softer way. You can absolutely do what you like here and iced cakes come in all shapes and sizes from the massive to the more compact. Choose whatever works best with your day.

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We’re also seeing more colourful cakes of late and again, you can design a cake to suit your theme. You might add edible glitter, metallic touches, hand-painted watercolour details or geometric patterns and exquisite details.

Of course, naked cakes have been big news over recent years and these are great for rustic weddings or if you want to DIY. The cake is covered in a super thin layer of buttercream or just covered in icing sugar before flowers, fruit or other details are added. Even high street providers such as Waitrose offer naked options that you can decorate yourself and these often work out much cheaper than working with a professional cake maker.

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If you’re on a budget but still want a gorgeous cake to display, why not embrace the trend for single tier cakes? These tend to be cheaper as they’re obviously smaller but also because they take less of the cake maker’s time to create. Display these on a high stand to give impact and if you need more cake to feed your guests with, go for a cutting cake from somewhere like Marks and Spencer than can be served up without being on display.

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Do you have an absolute favourite cake? Well, why not include this on the big day? How about a huge stack of French Fancies or whatever takes your fancy? Failing that, you could include something you both love so how about a super quirky double sided cake? Don’t be afraid to let your personalities shine through with your wedding cake.

One of the best things you can do with your wedding cake is have a little fun with the design, particularly if you’re not a huge fan of tradition. How about mixing up the sizes of the tiers to create a completely different look or why not go for a cupcake table buffet instead of one huge cake? Just like everything wedding related, do what suits you both.

Personalise your wedding cake

As a fantastic finishing touch, why not personalise your cake with a brilliant cake topper? These little details make a big impression and they bring a touch of whimsy to your cake that you just can’t ignore. For a brilliant rustic touch, how about some super cute personalised bunting? Sit in this your top tier and you can even make your own!

Personalised wooden toppers also look great, particularly on naked or barely-iced cakes. You can order these online and choose whatever words you like. Will you opt for your first names or a ‘just married’ topper? These toppers are also available in coloured acrylic options if that suits your style better.

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If you’re feeling really fancy, why not commission your own personalised cake topper? Again, search online to find one that you love but you could finish your cake with mini versions of you and your partner and you can even include pets, hobbies and references to anything that shows your personalities.

Finally, don’t forget the cake knife! If you love cake, at any time of year, your wedding is the perfect opportunity to treat yourselves to a personalised cake knife as a souvenir of your day. Think of it as a sweet wedding gift to yourselves!

If you want your wedding to include superb food and drink, look no further than Clock Barn. Our on-site caterers and events experts will devise a menu that will delight you and your lucky guests. Why not get in touch to find out more or book a show round so that we can show you all the things that make Clock Barn so special.

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