Plan your Outdoor Wedding with Clock Barn in Hampshire

So, you’re hoping for an outdoor ceremony in rural Hampshire? We can’t picture anything more idyllic than saying your vows outdoors, especially when the weather plays ball!

Here at Clock Barn, we absolutely love outdoor ceremonies, the options and opportunities are endless. In this blog post, we’ll outline just a handful of reasons as to why you should consider Clock Barn for your outdoor ceremony.


Reasons to choose Clock Barn for your outdoor wedding

Firstly, let’s set the scene

Picture this… your guests are seated, the grass aisle is decorated simply, the sun is shining, and the scent of seasonal flowers fills the air. The sound of birdsong is quietened by your chosen music as you approach the aisle. Your guests stand. This is the outdoor ceremony you’ve been dreaming of.


Two uniquely beautiful outdoor spaces

At Clock Barn, you have the choice of two spaces for your outdoor ceremony. The first is on The Paddock, across from the barn itself which is particularly lovely if you like the idea of walking down a longer aisle. The second option, The Farmhouse lawn, is available if you select the Tufton Warren accommodation. The lawn is situated next to our beautiful Tufton Warren Farmhouse, where your guests’ chairs will face the stunning gardens.

Work with a highly experienced team

There can be some unique challenges to hosting outdoor ceremonies, which is why choosing a venue with a highly experienced team is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Outdoor ceremonies can be logistically difficult, so knowing that your chosen wedding venue has a team of experts to support your outside celebrations is key.

Aside from logistics, you’ll need to take the time of year you’ll be getting married into account, and there will need to be provisions in place to manage various weather conditions. Extremely hot weather can be as problematic as unwanted rain, and both options will need to be carefully planned for. Fortunately, Clock Barn has a number of beautiful indoor options should you have to opt for Plan B.


Top Tip – “Because outdoor ceremonies at Clock Barn take place on grass, we recommend that our couples tell their guests in advance as you don’t want everyone in stilettos to be sinking in the ground! A nice option is to have heel stoppers available for guests who may need them.” – Georgi Fidler, Senior Event Manager

With the Clock Barn team in your corner, you can rest assured that your outdoor wedding plans will go without a hitch.


Natural light is great for photos

Photographers absolutely love natural light, and with plenty of outside space to choose from, at Clock Barn you can guarantee uniquely beautiful wedding day photographs. It is truly special to know that a moment and mood has been captured exactly as it was experienced.

Top Tip – Want to know a little secret? Some of the best photographs are taken when there’s a little cloud cover overhead. So, one great reason not to be disheartened if your day isn’t brilliantly bright is that your photographs will look incredibly soft, with not a single squinting guest in sight!

Beautiful, natural outside spaces invite all styles of decoration

Every outdoor setting has its own natural beauty and charm, and you should absolutely use the natural landscape to your advantage when it comes to making decorative decisions. We always advise our couples where possible to visit Clock Barn in their wedding season, to see what is in bloom and to let the natural surroundings inform their colour palette and flower choices.

Often, simplicity is key and a sprinkling of natural or dried petals, LED candlelight and an optional focal feature at the top of the aisle is plenty when it comes to dressing our outside ceremony spaces.

Remember, the choices you make with décor can help make your event feel more or less formal. If you’d like to speak with a trusted wedding stylist or prop hire company, take a look at our recommended suppliers list.


Get in touch with the team at Clock Barn

Since outdoor ceremonies are in high demand during high season, you should aim to book your venue as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The team at Clock Barn would be thrilled to show you around, discuss availability and answer any questions you have. Get in touch.

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