Seasonal Wedding flowers

Clock Barn is beautiful at any time of year but the seasons definitely give a different look and feel to our barn wedding venue. Whether you’re marrying in spring, summer, autumn or winter, your wedding flowers play a huge role in the look of your big day. So, we’re gathered together some of our favourite seasonal wedding flowers so that we can share lots of floral inspiration with you right here. Whenever you’re getting married, there are so many brilliant blooms to choose from.


Why use seasonal wedding flowers?

Before we leap into the wedding ideas themselves, we should explain why seasonal flowers are such a great option for weddings. Firstly, seasonal blooms really ground your wedding – you’ll forever link the season, the flowers, the day and all the memories together. If you marry in late spring or early summer, whenever you see peonies you’ll have happy flashbacks to your big day if they featured in your floral decorations!

Secondly, seasonal blooms can often be really great for your budget and they’re certainly better for the environment than flowers that have been air-freighted half way around the world. Seasonal, home-grown flowers support local growers and you’re also likely to get a much wider choice of blooms, including some varieties that you just won’t find at any other time of year.

Lastly, seasonal wedding flowers are incredibly beautiful. They’re full of colour and they’re fresh, vibrant and absolutely perfect. If you work with seasonal flowers, they might have been cut just days before your wedding having grown naturally so they’ll be at their absolute best for your big day.


Seasonal wedding flowers for spring and summer

Spring and summer wedding flowers are all about gorgeous colours and perfect petals. Think about narcissi, hyacinths and tulips in early spring along with that wedding favourite, lily of the valley. Late spring is all about stocks, freesias and early sweet peas and even foxgloves, lupins and delicate cow parsley.

Summer is a time for blooms of all styles from the most elegant and romantic flowers to big and bold varieties that you’ll just adore. Cornflowers, lisianthus and sweet Williams are all available in early summer whilst later summer days see delphiniums, hydrangeas, sunflowers and everyone’s current favourite flowers – dahlias. Dahlias come in so many colours from light pastel shades to deep reds and they’re always beautiful.

For spring and summer weddings, delicate floral buttonholes always look amazing and for a twist, why not arrange for the groom’s to be a standout design featuring a colourful flower or extra details? When it comes to the bride’s bouquet, really anything goes at this time of year. You could opt for neutral shades with one or two statement blooms or you could embrace colour and go for a really bright and bold bouquet. Natural, loosely tied bouquets give a real ‘just picked’ look to your wedding flowers that we just adore.

When it comes to decorations, we love the feeling that the beauty outside in summer has made its way into the barn for your big day. Think about suspending foliage above doors with little bunches of cow parsley or gypsophila woven into these displays for extra interest.

Remember that it’s all in the detail and you can really set the scene for your wedding day the moment that guests arrive for your marriage ceremony. Think about including decorations on the chairs that line the aisle in your ceremony – seasonal blooms in jam jars, tied onto chairs with twine or raffia are absolutely perfect.

Seasonal wedding flowers for autumn and winter

When we reach autumn, there’s a whole new feeling in the air as the days get shorter and temperatures cool. However, there are still plenty of wedding flowers in season including asters, delphiniums, late dahlias and even orchids and plenty of roses. Even in deep winter, you’ll still have plenty of choice including Dutch tulips, ranunculus and gorgeous anemones.

However, lots of winter decorations include lots of seasonal details aside from flowers. This is the time of year to include leaves, feathers, berries, fruits and even wintery mistletoe. These are the little extras that will really bring your decorations to life and give them a superb seasonal twist.

The best autumn and winter floral decorations are simple and naturally beautiful. How about individual pine cones tied to chairs with ribbon as pew ends or chair decorations for your wedding reception? Hang bunches of mistletoe in the barns for a really seasonal detail or decorate the fireplace in the Stable Room with fairy lights, faux candles and wintery foliage. Evergreen branches look and smell amazing!

Your bouquet can also reflect the time of year too. For autumn, flowers in warm tones with leaves, feathers and berries would be the perfect choice whilst in winter, for a cooler look, team pale roses with purple and blue details along with foliage that has an almost frosted appearance.

To start planning your wedding, why not book a showround so that you can see for yourself all the things that make Clock Barn so special. If you’ve got a season in mind for your wedding, you can check our current availability to find your perfect date.

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